This is how it would look like if we would've met in person!

Who are you?

We are Spektrum, an Illustration Agency based in New York City. We started our dream in late March 2021, with the goal of matching YOU, with an artist whose style fits perfectly for your businesses and through our internal system manage the deliverables of your projects and guarantee a high quality in the final product. We also help you with contracts, legal documents, intellectual property and the negotiation of the illustrator’s terms. Our services range from Ilustrations for editorial design to advertisement and branding.

That’s cool! Can you go more into your team's background, their responsibilities in the company, hairstyles?

Andy Moraw

He is the driving force behind our entrepreneurial success, leading the company's direction with a visionary approach and strategic acumen while fostering innovation among our talented team. His passion for planning, organizing, and analyzing variables ensures seamless cohesion and peak efficiency across the organization, resulting in consistently high-performance results. At the heart of Spektrum Agency's operations, he's the creator of ingenious systems that hold everything together, from conceptualizing brilliant ideas to executing them with precision, empowering the team to achieve remarkable outcomes. With a relentless commitment to excellence, Andres continues to chart our course towards growth and prosperity, making Spektrum a powerhouse in the industry.

Monica Almonacid

Monica takes pride in leading the transformation of imagination into reality, shaping the agency's distinctive visual identity. She spearheads creative direction and vision, ensuring alignment with client objectives and market trends. By overseeing the end-to-end creative processes, she consistently delivers projects of exceptional quality and innovation. Monica fosters a collaborative environment that encourages creative excellence and nurtures team members' professional growth. Beyond her role, she explores her inner thoughts, expressing them through her illustrations, and enjoys seeking new experiences and connections. By forging strategic partnerships within the Colombian art community, she integrates local talent, creating growth opportunities for both the agency and artists alike. Her multifaceted approach makes her an invaluable asset to the agency's success.

What are your strengths?

We make all your creative desires come true by giving you exactly what you want and need for your business. We’re a brainstorming factory that can offer innovative ways and solutions for turning your ideas into reality. We’re flexible and open to work with different kinds of projects. Because we’re a small and young agency, we prioritize our attention in our client's satisfaction by offering them a customized service, which means none of them are just one of the bunch. In the market we’re a renowned agency for our excellent price/performance ratio and outstanding quality.

Why should we hire you?

Try us :o

Ok, what are your weaknesses?

If you ever want to lock us up in an office, then that would be a no, because our agency lives around the world. We believe in working without borders.

What are your capabilities?

We can illustrate ANYTHING you want: book covers, album covers, posters, book interiors, stories, packaging, social media posts, clothes, brochures, flyers, typography, articles and much more. We can also manage your illustration projects by handling the workflow through our system, where you can watch the process and make corrections on the expected deliverables in order to be aligned with the project’s timeline. Besides all that our team can also function as a negotiator between you and the illustrator, so that those involved have clear terms, conditions and play their part correctly.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client is someone who is passionate about their project to the point of transmitting their energy to us. Someone that trusts our design decisions and that doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to speaking out. They are open minded and capable of taking risks, also their feedback pushes us to make better work.

Appart from that, we’re not looking for an specific client or industry, we’re open to work with publishing houses, magazines, music bands, filmmaking companies marketing agencies and any type of brand.

What is your process?

Our process is actually pretty simple.

1. The client tells us about the project, what they have in mind, and we listen.

2. We ask some questions to dig deeper, and translate your thoughts and ideas into an illustration, or sometimes multiple illustrations.

3. After polishing the pieces with your feedback, we’ll get ready to deliver the final products.

What are your favorite songs?

Monica Almonacid: Marooned, Pink Floyd

What are your rates?

Email us, or fill out a contact form and say hi, we will arrange a meeting to know your project and ideas, then we’ll make a budget or offer you a pack that fits perfectly with your needs and desires.

Alright, let’s do business!

Great! We look forward to hearing from you