This is how it would look like if we would've met in person!

Who are you?

We are Spektrum, an Art Agency based in New York City. We started our dream in late March 2021, with the  goal of matching YOU, with an artist whose style fits perfectly for your businesses. Our services range from Ilustrations for editorial design to advertisement and branding.

That was brief. Can you go more into your  team's background,  their responsibilities in the company, hairstyles?

Andy Moraw

Is the team’s strategist and innovator, he loves to plan, create new business models and do market research. He has a degree in Business Administration, that’s why he’s in charge of Spektrum’s finances. When he isn’t overthinking he’s probably camping in the mountains and capturing photos of the stars.

Monica Almonacid

Is the one who brings Spektrum’s imagination into reality, and establishes it's visual identity through graphical pieces. She’s the bridge between clients and artists, to make sure everything is working perfectly and the final product has the best quality. She has a degree in Visual Arts and is in charge of finding, recruiting and even training the coolest emerging artists. Aside from creating, Monica enjoys to have new experiences and meet new people throughout her journeys.

Daniel Azul

His energy cheers the whole team up, Daniel controls all of Spektrum’s legal and public relations matters, he has a skill in treating and managing big clients, that’s why he’s also is charge of creating new relationships with customers in need of creative services. He has a degree in Filmmaking and loves to travel around the world documenting everything he experiences and sees.

What are your strengths?

We make all your creative desires come true by giving you exactly what you want and need for your business. We’re a brainstorming factory that can offer innovative ways and solutions for turning your ideas into reality. We’re flexible and open to work with different kinds of projects.

Because we’re a small and young agency, we prioritize our attention in our client's satisfaction by offering them a customized service, which means none of them are just one of the bunch. In the market we’re a renowned agency for our excellent price/performance ratio and outstanding quality.

Why should we hire you?

Try us :o

Ok, what are your weaknesses?

If you ever want to lock us up in an office, then that would be a no, because our agency lives around the world. We believe in working without borders.

What are your capabilities?

Even though we connect you with the ideal artist, we can design book covers, album covers, posters, book interiors. We can also create full visual identities for your brand, such as logos, business cards, all kinds of graphic pieces, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets and even zines. We create illustrations, for editorial publications or any type of product. We’re always open to work on new types projects.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client is someone who is passionate about their project to the point of transmitting their energy to us. Someone that  trusts our design decisions and that doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to speaking out. They are open minded and capable of taking risks, also their feedback pushes us to make better work.

Appart from that, we’re not looking for an specific client or industry, we’re open to work with marketing agencies, magazines, music bands, publishing houses and any type of brand.

What is your process?

Our process is actually pretty simple.

1. The client tells us about the project, what they have in mind, and we listen.

2. We ask some questions to dig deeper, and translate our thoughts and brainstorming into a design, or sometimes multiple designs.

3. We start with the big picture, and make sure we have the overall feel & idea for the project first, then we move on to the details.

What are your favorite songs?

Monica Almonacid: Marooned, Pink Floyd

What are your rates?

Email us, or fill out a contact form and say hi, we will arrange a meeting to know your project and ideas, then we’ll make a budget or offer you a pack that fits perfectly with your needs and desires.

Alright, let’s do business!

Great, thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.